“To us, the value of a man is measured exclusively by how helpful he is to others”

We spoke about professionalism, happiness, creativity, reliability, and we are certain that the choice and responsibility that fulfill these words are based on the achievements reached to date.

But the real secret of the past 40 years in business is the viewpoint of “us”, a team: a group, a corporate organism that collaborates daily with the passion to reach a common goal.

Today, like back then, the philosophy of doing, being creative and helpful were the base of the corporate life, of all businesses and of the projects Siretessile has been a part of.

It’s a thought that has always driven the commitment and social responsibility of the group, above all else in regards to the most fragile and difficult realities where great attention has always been paided.

In our years we have actively supported small businesses (from parishes to local hospitals), national (helping populations affected by earthquakes or natural disasters), worldwide (with economic and project support in different developing countries) through initiatives, projects events and activities of various kinds, contributing to improve the world in which we live in.

“Being able to be a little help to those who really need it, might be our greatest achievement.”

Siretessile has and currently supports Associations and Entities with consistency and dedication, some since over 20 years.

“Doing good” is contagious. Sometimes it just needs a little help and inspiration to emerge. We have been inspired by others, and we have decided to also share this aspect of our story, not to glorify ourselves but because we hope that in our small efforts, we will be able to inspire and help others.

“To us the value of a man is measured exclusively by how helpful he is to others”


“For us, innovation is art when creating high performing textiles and products, that can improve comfort & quality of life.”




"Over 40 years of history and experience, but the same desire to grow, learn, innovate and conquer that we’ve had since our beginning."


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