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“To us the value of a man is measured exclusively by how helpful he is to others.”


We have spoken here of our professionalism, our excellence, our creativity, our reliability. We have no doubt that the levels we have risen to today are due to the dedication and choice to pursue the true essences of these terms, and apply them to our every day. 


But the real secret of our 40-year history in this business is the viewpoint of “us”: a team, a group, a corporate organism that works together in harmony passionately every day to reach a common goal. 


Today, just as at our inception, the philosophy of doing, creating, and being of help is the basis of the businesses and projects Siretessile is a part of.


These are concepts that have always driven the commitment and sense of social responsibility of this group, above all else. Addressing the most fragile and difficult realities of our world have always been our priority.


In our years we have actively supported small businesses (from parishes to local hospitals), national emergency relief (helping populations affected by earthquakes and natural disasters), worldwide philanthropy (donating economic and project-specific support in multiple developing countries), as well as sponsoring many other projects, events, and activities of various kinds, contributing to improve the world in which we live.


“Giving a hand to those in need might be our greatest achievement.”


Siretessile has continually supported charitable associations and entities with consistency and dedication, some have counted on our contributions for over 20 years.

* * *

“Good deeds” are contagious. Sometime they just need some encouragement and inspiration to get off the ground. We have decided to share this aspect of our story, not in search of admiratation but because we hope that our small efforts inspire others, like others, infact, have inspired us.

“To us the value of a man is measured exclusively by how helpful he is to others”



“For us, innovation is art when creating high performing textiles and products, that can improve comfort & quality of life.”





"Over 40 years of history and experience, but the same desire to grow, learn, innovate and conquer that we’ve had since our beginning."


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