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The Home Textile division is where technology, innovation, research, style and creativity meet, giving life to a complete line of home linens.

With 12 new collections per year, designed with unmatched Italian style and creativity, our Home Textile division is an undisputed leader in the market and a respected partner for many top international retail chains.

This department excels in securing the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients by seeing to their success in quick turnover off the shelves and rapid sellouts. 


The perfect synergies of our various divisions allow us to supervise the production chain from the initial order directly to the fibers and yarns. Every item is manufactured within the specialized geographical region which most guarantees the highest quality and optimum competitive pricing, while always adhering to the strictest code of ethics.


At each and every plant the world over, whether a Siretessile-branded operation or that of one of our trusted partners, you will find our employee representatives on-site. The presence of our highly qualified technical personnel overseeing all stages of operations ensures that there is no compromise in any detail of quality, expediency, or delivery. 


Experience, the latest technology, and refined style are the foundations of the Private Label service. This customized care pairs elite Italian designers from our style team with our research and production offices to transform a client’s vision in to complete collections, distinguished by innovation and quality.



Our Amo La Casa line was launched in the 90’s and took the home textiles market by storm: Siretessile was the first company to introduce a bona fide home textile collection to the aisles of large distribution operations, standing out for its attention to style, high quality, and competitive pricing.


Quality, design, style, market leadership, and functionality: the characteristics that make our line unique


Our mission is to supply our clients with the best possible solutions.


“It is our credo that innovation becomes art when we succeed in creating high-performance textiles and products that are also able to maximize comfort & quality of life”.


“Quality, personalization, control: this is how textiles are born at Siretessile”


An internal graphics team made up of 2 stylists and 6 designers join forces with some of the best stylists in the home textile industry around the world and are traveling constantly to every corner of the planet in search of new ideas and inspiration to translate into upcoming collections. A solid presence in the world's fashion capitals drives our style team to tirelessly seek new trends, colors, and styles. The result is a line of exclusive home textiles that respond to market demand, ever-aware of the importance of competitive pricing as a key element for success.



"40 years of experience are what sets us apart. Each and every day, we roll up our sleeves and give it our all".





Expertly qualified management and a highly specialized team, dedicated to fulfilling even the most complex requests, make us the chosen supplier every year for 2000 companies from around the world.

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