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Reality is created through agreement between individuals. It is the union of considerations, thoughts, desires, and ideas that makes things happen. If something weren’t thought of, desired, or decided upon, it wouldn’t happen, wouldn’t be, wouldn't exist.


An agreement is born out of decisions, thoughts, and shared ideas that are created, that you can touch, see, perceive. That is the only way for reality and agreement to come about between us as individuals.


This is so because there is an agreement that it is.


So, while reading this, think positively, because through your thoughts you can actually create positivity. Think pleasantly and kindly: imagine that everyone on this planet can become smarter, that everyone can improve and be happier. Know and affirm that we all have the ability to be productive, motivate others, and prosper. 


Imagine that one day pain and desperation no longer exist. Imagine a world without injustice, without cruel criticism, oppression, immorality, selfishness, vanity, intolerance, fear of good, and fear of improvement.


Imagine a world where one's sense of responsibility is paramount. Imagine that there are no grieving men, suffering women, or abandoned and unloved children.


Imagine, create, and express constructive ideas and positive feelings. Imagining doesn’t cost anything. Perhaps some opposing thought will creep in while doing so, but pay it no mind. Just imagine beautiful things. Continue doing so, over and over again.


If most of us thought positively, perhaps another reality would appear, a different agreement would take shape. If most of us did this, then there truly would be a changed world, and conditions would improve. Think positively, pass this on to others as well, and we’ll have a better world to live in and a better life to live. Join us in acting with kindness and ask others to do so, as well—for the good of all. Our collective thoughts become actions, and they matter. Act positively!


This is the Siretessile company culture.

Our thoughts become actions and they matter.



"We believe that, even in business, the priority must always be our people.”





“It is our credo that innovation becomes art when we succeed in creating high-performance textiles and products that are also able to maximize comfort & quality of life”.


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