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Siretessile is an industrial group that acts as a reference point for over 2000 companies around the world.

Expertly qualified management and a highly specialized team, dedicated to fulfilling even the most complex requests, make us the chosen supplier every year for 2000 companies from around the world.

Professionalism, passion, and an elite sales team trained in impeccable customer service, and undergoing constant training, are the distinct qualities we are known for.



"We believe that, even in business, the priority must always be our people.”

Although Siretessile is a business, a company, a resource, an organization, and so much more, it is first and foremost the product of the hands, eyes, ideas, and hearts of every team member, and the tireless effort they each put into what they do.


It is Siretessile's human resources which are its driving force and most valuable asset.  A team of high-level professionals, working together daily side by side to grow, learn, face and overcome difficulties, improve, innovate, and work together to build the future.




“We remain loyal to our home country as we believe in “The Italian Way” and take great pride in the industriousness and creativity we are known for!”

Modern industrial design, luminescent glass, imaginative colors, ample space and light: this is the Siretessile headquarters in Cornuda, near Treviso, about 1 hour north of Venice. Siretessile's brand new base of operations is immersed in the green hills of Asolo: 4500 square meters (roughly 48,500 square feet) which houses the company headquarters alongside the production complex.



Building a new home for our headquarters was a choice born from a quest for continuity: the significance of establishing our corporate headquarters on the very same land where, 40 years ago, the spirit and heart of an entrepreneurial undertaking was born.



And it's from the roots planted here that we intend to reach new milestones with our sights firmly set on the international market, but ever-loyal to our origins and traditions. 


“It is our credo that innovation becomes art when we succeed in creating high-performance textiles and products that are also able to maximize comfort & quality of life”.

L1002646-dipendenti esterno.jpg

Our mission is to supply our clients with the best possible solutions.

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