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Our Shelltech fabrics are intended for producers of down-filled articles and are the result of know-how developed through decades of experience in the sector.


Today we are the European leader in the sector and partner of the world's largest brands in the production of sofas, cushions, household linen and down clothing.


Shelltech branded fabrics stand out on the market for quality and technical characteristics of excellence. Our fabrics and articles are Oekotex - Class 1 - Class 2 certified.


We are also certified for the production of flame retardant and flame retardant fabrics, in step with the highest standards currently required in the world market.


Down Proof Mattress and Pillow covers

·       White and dyed fabrics

·       Printed Fabrics

·       Certified fireproof fabrics

·       Pillowcases, Duvet Covers and Comforters



Our products -

Fabrics of, Twill, Drill, Satin and Percale with different constructions, a vast range of products from 180TC to 600TC.

Composition: Cotton, Polyester, Poly-cotton, Tencel, Bamboo and Silk.

Origins: Italy, East Europe, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam.

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