“It is our credo that innovation becomes art when we succeed in creating high-performance textiles and products that are also able to maximize comfort & quality of life”.

“Product development” today means never ceasing to look ahead. It means the constant quest for superior functionality and for creating products that are up to speed with our times and with the demands of modern lifestyles.

Our insistence upon the absolute highest of standards for our clients inspired us to found our signature R&D operation: the “SireLab”. The primary objective of our technical laboratory is to merge ideas and technology. The team is challenged daily with studying new materials and finding ways to improve and combine them with other materials for maximum comfort, performance, and enjoyment of the end product.



"Beauty and innovation in action".

Our company's think tank for ideas and reinvention is housed in our Designers' Studio. Here is where exploration of the latest fashion trends fuses with design to become the impetus for new products and collections. This is where ideas come to life.

The Designers' Studio works in perfect partnership with our R&D Department. The synergy of their combined experience and creativity, enriched by the latest technology. results in the textiles and products that our customers love and depend upon.



Commitment, responsability, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and ethics: the story of Siretessile is the story of an Italian company that, for over 40 years, has chosen to do business according to these criteria. The passion for work took care of the rest.


"40 years of experience are what sets us apart. Each and every day, we roll up our sleeves and give it our all".


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